Insights: Net Worth Chart

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This is your net worth chart. It shows your total savings minus your total debt for every month of data that you have saved. Some scenarios to look out for:

  • Negative net worth and almost no savings: the priority here should be to build up a small emergency fund, like $1,000 or one month of expenses, then focus on paying off debt.
  • Negative net worth but lots of savings: it may be worth using some of your savings to pay off a chunk of your debt. Without the interest payments dragging you down, it will be easier to build up those savings later.
  • Positive net worth with debt: in this case, it makes more sense to use savings to pay off debt. Once debt free, any extra cash can go back into savings.
  • Positive net worth and no debt: this is the goal – without debt dragging you down, you can focus on building your savings, which will grow with interest if they're invested well.